Open letter to Estonian MEPs from Tatjana Zdanoka MEP.
Estonian MEPs gave the inexcusable falsehood. Truth comes from eyewitnesses and experts by human rights.
About hearing at the European Parliament on "Torture is nowadays a reality in the EU".

Report on work of the «hot line» of the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights. Complaints regarding the actions of law enforcement bodies in the process of mass disturbances in Tallinn on 26-29 April 2007.

To all our people, to youth and parents! Upload our friend's videoclip from Latvia "Black Karlis - NO to reform!" See it for sure! In Riga 60 000 pupils, students, teachers and parents went to street to say protest "NO TO REFORM!" In september 2007 it starts in Estonia. Are we ready to defend our language and future of our children? Say NO to reform - estonization of russian schools!

Preliminary brief information about the disturbances in Tallinn on 26-29 April 2007 ..

Estonian government cuts up WWII memorial. One young man dies in protests. ..

EU's Solana concerned by police action in Tallinn. ..

NightWatch letter. 2/02/07. Night Watch.
Estonian state security (KaPo) officer make provocations and break the law.
Attempt of KaPo-ist to make scuffle ends without success.
Night Watch.
Answer letter from Tallinn district court yard about imprisonment of Dmitri Linter (Night Watch) 23.05.07.
By petition about setting free. (rus)
"Russians in Estonia are out of law". Julia Aleksandrova.
Newspaper "Vesti today". Latvia.
Shadowing, hearing of the phonecalls, censorship in mass media - how the estonian state power fights against different minds.
"Apartheid in estonian way". Elina Tshujanova.
Weekly newspaper "Vesti". Latvia.
"This war not only against Bronze Soldier but against russians" - consider activists of Night Watch movement.
Thank you to russian youth movements.
Answer of Juri Zuravljov, Night Watch member to estonian newspaper "Vesti".
These guys did not forget and did not learn to sell out such notions as HONOUR. Honour, honesty, justice.
Public prayer into Alexandr Nevski church to support Dmitri Linter (Victim of haunting for ideas).
With benedictionmetropolitan Korneli.
20 june 2007 at 11.00.
Как защищали Ансипа в Латвии: в Лиепае спецназ захватил «русских с воздушками».
Часть ребят ушли не подчиняясь.
Друзья из Латвии.
Arriving in Latvia estonian prime-minister ANdrUS Ansip was under protest actions.
Our friends in Latvia.
Newspaper "Hour".
Russian language from school in Estonia are trying to force out every year.
In september 2007 in Estonia starts shameful and disgraceful reform of russian schools.
Youth prepares to protest.
Tallinn (Estonia) authorities prohibit to celebrate festival devoted Day of Russia.
Youth and representatives of russian movement came to celebrate "Vivat, Russia!" into Riga (Latvia).

About civil and economical discrimination in Estonia.
Juri Zuravljov.
Night Watch.
Песня "Мы - Русские!"
Мы всё равно поднимемся с колен....

Ответ пострадавшей от зверств полиции Ларисе Нещадимовой из эстонской прокуратуры.
Они даже не прочитали время действия в её жалобе!
Answer of kanzler of right in Estonia to Juri Zuravljov.
(By facts unleagal detaining and beating.)
Answer to Larisa Neschadimova from kanzelei/office of estonian president.
Defence of human rights and consideration comlaint to police are not in duties of estonian president.
Estonian state security police rewrote their annual report.
See in report in .pdf file. May be you find there yourself on the fotos!
Court-uard decision about Juri Zuravljov, 28 may 2007.
участником Ночного Дозора и членом Конституционной Партии, по поводу пикета у дворца эстонского президента.
Ещё одно доказательство предвзятого отношения служб, служащих фашистскому государству. Have to pay 3000 EEK!
Протокол суда. Эстонская полиция против Юрия Журавлёва.
(дело о пикете у президентского дворца, передача 16 тысяч подписей в защиту памятника Воина - Освободителя мира от фашизма.)
Ответ Александру Коробову из Эстонской Окружной Прокуратуры,
о том, что в незаконном задержании и избиении, в нарушении прав человека и статей Эстонской конституции нет ничего противозаконного, с точки зрения эстонской прокуратуры.
Ещё одно доказательство предвзятого отношения служб, служащих фашистскому государству.
Youth Russia.
Fight is going on.
Own protest against estonian pro-nazism express participators of action to support/defence Mark Siryk 18-years school boy.
Meeting of defenders of memorial Soldier-Victorian against nazism.
27 may 2007, near memorial to heros 1905 year.
1 year of Night Watch in Tallinn.
Court-yard. Case about candles 22 september. Dmitri Linter.
23 may 2007. Fotos.
23 мая 2007. Dmitri Linter.
Case about candles 22 september.
From estonian court-yard.
Estonian antifascists «under pressure» in jails.
23 may 2007, from court yard.
Sergei Seredenko.
Спрос на туристические поездки россиян в Эстонию упал до кризисных одного-двух процентов от обычного.
Туроператоры несут убытки. Газета "Час Дейли"
Сын губернатора Петербурга Валентины Matvienko. Businessman refuses from permit to residence in Estonia and stop his business in this country.
Newspaper RU.
Pics of second day.
Fotos 27 april 2007.
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