9 may kommittee. Night Watch. Tallinn, Estonia. HOT LINE.

NEWS. And lists of people who were lost.

Chronicle of opposition contr-acts. Unleagal police actions in Estonia.

Materials, witnesses, evidences.
Declarations, announcements.

Acts and measures. May-august 2007 in Estonia.

In Russian / По-русски
15-years discrimination in Estonia. Civil and economical. Breaking of human rights.

Nazism and Fascism in E-SS-tonia.

Guest book. Leave your message! Our representatives: contacts, phones, connections. Sites of our organizations. Links. Our friends and info.

ATTENTION! To all the people in Estonia, who lost people and who was suffered and was beaten of police and of Estonian government!

Come to 9 may kommittee and Night Watch members: If you have lost somebody. If you were detained by estonian police or spesial services since 26 april 2007, if you have evidances of police unleagal actions, beating and other criminal thindg, photo or video materials!

Call phone: 58 094 001
e-mail: komitet905@yandex.ru
Juri Zuravljov
And/or write/leave your message in guest book.

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