NightWatch letter. 2/02/07  

A new cynical plan of action concerning the monument to the warriors fallen in the course of the battle against fascism during the World War II has been announced in Tallinn.

In the course of a meeting with a delegation from the Right-radical party IRL, the Prime-minister of Estonia Andrus Ansip, the leader of the Reformist Party, has said: I do not mind if the Union of Motherland and Res Publica make a proposition to add a paragraph concerning the removal of the Bronze Statue to the Military Grave Protection Act; and a reference to the monument to Peter I to the Unauthorized Construction Draft Law. In order to do this we have to pass the third and the fourth law.

It is worthy of note that in the course of his visit to Ukraine our Prime-minister assured the public to the contrary just after laying a wreath to the monument to Soviet soldiers in Kiev. He said that the Military Grave Protection Act did not concern the Tõnismägi Monument.

According to the national-radical plan, the laws that allow the removal of the monument to the soldiers fallen during the battle against fascism, situated on Tõnismägi square, will be enacted until 7th February. The supporters of this plan constitute a majority in the Parliament of Estonia, and this means that the fate of the monument is predetermined.

In our opinion, the national psycho-terror carried out by our state is profane and cynical. The parliament parties disregard the national will, international obligations of Estonia, and, finally, the recognition of national minorities rights.

All the methods of the parliamental and political battle are played out; all our efforts of legal battle against the acts designed for the monument were in vain. Our propositions are rejected at once; the authorities do not discuss them with us.

Therefore, The Night Watch appeals to all people living on different continents who share panhuman values asking them to support us, the protectors of the monument situated in Tallinn, with your taking part in civil protest actions, including protest actions near Estonian embassy in your countries.

We appeal to all honest people asking to support our initiative of submitting the Tõnismägi monument to the aegis of the international community.

Night Watch, allinn, February 2, 2007.
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