Open letter to Estonian MEPs.  

Open letter to: Tunne Kelam MEP, Marianne Mikko MEP, Siiri Oviir MEP,
Katrin Saks MEP, Toomas Savi MEP, Andres Tarand MEP.

Dear Colleagues

On 26 June I organised a hearing at the European Parliament on "Torture is nowadays a reality in the EU" in order to give an opportunity to victims of police actions in Tallinn in late April 2007 to discuss their negative experiences.

In response you widely distributed a note entitled "Information outline, police actions in Tallinn and Narva from 26-29 April 2007".

I respect the fact that you made certain statements that you personally may have chosen to believe, such as "the use of force was proportional and necessary to maintain public order and safety of citizens" or "all temporary detainees were guaranteed humane conditions of detainment".

But it is an inexcusable falsehood to claim that none of those accused of organising the disorder, namely Dmitri Linter, Mark Sirok and Maksim Reva, remain in custody. Up to now, Dmitri Linter and Maksim Reva remain in custody. As regards Mark Sirok, this 18-year old schoolboy suffering from chronic illness was held in custody until mid June.

The prisoners you have mentioned are suffering not only physically but also morally by being treated as scapegoats. Dmitri Linter and Maksim Reva, the leaders of the Night Watch (the organisation which has been trying to oppose the removal of the WWII monument by peaceful means) are unable to answer you because of their confinement and the prohibition of all contact.

It therefore falls upon me to say that your behaviour in this regard is completely dishonourable. As the well known proverb says: "No one can say that they won't end up a prisoner or a beggar".

Therefore I would appeal to you to do all you can to ensure the liberty of these two political prisoners.

Yours sincerely

Tatjana Zdanoka MEP  
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