15-years discrimination in Estonia. Civil and economical. Breaking of human rights.  


In 90-s, with coming into existence / appearing Republik of Estonia on the base ESSR, discriminative state power divided society of people living on the Estonia territory to three sorts. Such division has target to create econimical pyramid where one part of society "blue ones" can exploit other "red ones" and "grey ones". Also such division has goal to create society where all have to pay money but only choosen part can have political and economical power. That choosen part by national sign, national indication, by sort of passport. So call "elite" nation, owners of blue passports.

(Things like that already happened in the history but only on the paper: correspondence Hering, Himmler and Rosenberg about plan "Ost" about colonization of Slavic nations.) In Estonia it happened in real life.

Instead of going to normal civilized and democratic way to give all residents / inhabitans citizenship, as it did Lithuania, two countries went to way of civil and economical discrimination.

So, part of the people, who were born in that state, who are living and making better state in equal parts promoting rizing welthy state (paying the taxes), this part find itself out of political and economical field, out of social field. We were pointed to our place - down, in the bottom.

Owners of "grey" passports: people without citizenship, aliens, stranger comers, (NE GRazdane, "negr'os") have inscription "Alien" on the cover their "no citizen" document. They have NO right to vote to parliament, they have NO right to be choosed into parliament, they have NO possibility to form and spread/distribute budget - common people money, part of which they gave as taxes.

Owners of "red" passports: citizens of Russia, Estonia residents / inhabitans. Don't think they are just migrants who came in Estonia after it's appearing in 90-s. NO. They are those people who WERE BORN here, who builded this state, who payd the taxes, promoting wealthy state. To those people estonian state did not give citizenship. To be "aliens" they did not want. And under conditions such discriminative choice, forced, they took that citizenship, that respond their culture, citizenship that state, who can defend them, democratic state, Russia.
So their choise was not free, Estonia did not give them citizenship as it Lithuania did.

It is undestandable that political and economical powers inseparably and close linked with each other.
It is undestandable that by spreading common money participators ONLY "blue" passports owners.
It is undestandable that after 15 years of such "spreading" blue ones live much better and wealthier than red and grey. These facts confirm statistic during all the time.

May be at last it is time to make restoration in our rights, to make restoration of justice? To make state really democratic?
To give to all inhabitans of Estonia and Latvia equal rights? To give right to vote into parliament and right to be voted? Or we have to TAKE this right? To REFERENDUM way? To democratic way?
OR to the same way how estonian state power treated with us? Tough and insolent? Other way..?
May be at last it is time to demand compensation for 15 years taking away our money to profit / benefit so call "elite" nation? Those money what were seized / took away with that we had no possibility to participate in their spreading/distributing? For our taxes for 15 years? For "privatization" in 90-s? For differences in salaries (by statistic estonians have 1.3 to 2 salary of russian population in Estonia)? For high education level (if befor or in 90-s high education level for russians and estonians was equal, then nowadays in russian population in Estonia it 2 times lower then in estonian population. What does it mean - if half of russians suddenly refused to get high education, to make themselves better future?)?
For future of our childrens, which are going to be "estonized" by school reform way, what begin in september 2007?
May be it is time to recall that in the state where state power 15 years press and keep down us politically, economically, morally (trying to change our values, for example taking away MEMORial of Soldier-Victorian against nazism, trying to take away our memory), in such state nobody but WE OURSELVES HAVE TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS AND OUR LIVES. May be it is time to recall history lessons, that russians win - TOGETHER!

Juri Zuravljov, phone: +372 58 094 001, e-mail: jura-sbr@yandex.ru

Like-minded persons, people who share ideas, russians in Baltic states, teachers, pupils and students from schools and institutes: call, write, make connections, join to us!
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